Product Idea |

Camper Van

Do you like camping?
How about go camping with this camper van?
This is my dream camper van.
I really want to have this kind of camper van.

1. The first floor

This car has a garage at the back of the 1st floor and you can enjoy driving at any time by riding a convertible car in the garage.
There is a folding table behind the driver's seat, also an umbrella and a flashlight are hanging next to the door.
The toilet is located under the stairs leading to the second floor.

2. The second floor

There is a sleeping area in front of the second floor.
Also, there is a sofa and a TV behind it.
To use the space efficiently, the TV was installed just above the stairs leading to the second floor.

When you go up the stairs, you can see the kitchen and a table.
You can cook and enjoy delicious food here.

There is a folding bed at the rear of the second floor.
During the day, you can fold the bed and use a large space.
If you open it at night, it becomes a big bed for two people to sleep on.
Also, there is a sunroof above the bed, so you can see stars in the night sky.

Finally, the roof has solar panels, which produce electricity.

It's a perfect camper van to enjoy my life.