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The Blacksmith's Wife


This is my first medieval project on Lego Ideas, I originally designed this blacksmith's workshop to go with the latest castle Lego released in 2014.

The story here goes as the Blacksmith has been called up by the king to make arms out in the field as well as fight in a distant battle, so his wife and son take over the blacksmith duties at his workshop.

It's handy she is the daughter of a blacksmith and learnt the skills required when she was her son's age.

In this set idea, 2 minifigs - female in medieval peasant/blacksmithing costume and a boy in medieval peasant costume.

This workshop has at it's rear a furnace and at it's heart an anvil and water barrel. An old school hammer and shovel can be seen hanging from the stone work.

The price for this set would be under 20 dollars Australian.

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