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The Travellers House

The Travellers House is a modular building comprised of the first floor with living room with hidden hole for a treasure under the table (be aware of a snake!), library, supply of weapons and other accessories. If you go up the ladder on the second floor you find a computer, another library, bed, some briliant diamonts and some accessories that you may need when you travel. On the top of the roof there is a terrace.

The roof, and the second floor are modular and can be easily taken off.

The back walls of the first and the second floors can be opened or closed and locked down with the leaf on the side wall.

In the garden there is a bench under the tree and a stony path to an old shack, nearby there are pumpkins planted.

In the shack you can find some food supply, lantern, rake or broom.

There are five minifigures in the Travellers House and one horse.

I built the Travellers House because I like the old LEGO adventure or western sets and I wish there were some new such LEGO sets. I present you my Idea, I enjoyed the building process very much. If you also like adventure please support my Idea. I hope you enjoy it!

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