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Unikitty and Benny's Saberkitty!


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Unikitty and Benny team up to build the ultimate lunar exploration vehicle: Saberkitty!

Piloted by Benny's Space Squad member, Denny, the red astronaut, Saberkitty is ready to explore every crater on every moon!  Why is Puppycorn here?  To support his sister, of course!

Features include:
  • Articulated legs and tail.  And a sort of articulated neck and waist.  Well...not really.  But the tail is really articulate.
  • A giant movable radar dish, because how else do you explore?
  • Weapons, because exploration is dangerous.  They also give you reasons to make pew pew sounds.  Not that you ever need a reason, but still.
  • Red and green navigation lights.  Why, you ask, since Saberkitty doesn't fly?  Try explaining that to the Voltron lions.

Why did I build this?
  • I love building with LEGO.
  • Classic Space is my favorite theme.
  • I was inspired by the humor and the characters of the LEGO Movie.
  • I wanted to up my MOC skills and build something I would be proud of.

Why am I sharing this on LEGO IDEAS?
I thought there may be other fans of LEGO like myself who would love to see sets like this one on the shelves.  I also felt that as a MOC, it was fairly unique as a design and others may appreciate having a chance to purchase and build something like it.

If you would like to see Saberkitty get an opportunity to be turned into an official LEGO IDEAS set, please support it.

Thank you for looking!

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