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The LEGO Express

The LEGO Express is a detailed modular train aim to experiment with up to 12 different cabin configurations, ranging from the standard and business coaches, to the lounge & bar and sleeping car. This set incorporates multiple references from the early days of passenger trains, combined with a modern touch, great funcionality and beatiful aesthetics. It features a sophisticated blue, white and tan color scheme, with realistic details, including two lavatories, comfortable standard seats, leather armchairs, face to face seating options to chat, drink coffee and read the newspaper while traveling , a nice grand lounge & bar zone with multiple beverage options, and, of course, a sleeping car for those requiring even further amenities.

With 6 opening doors and a four section removable roof, there's enough space to play around, change cabin configurations and let your imagination lead the way around the two fixed side ends. This model is scale referenced alongside vehicles from the LEGO Creator Expert series.

Physical information:
Total parts: 2990
W4.2 · L25.2 · H6 inches
W10.6 · L64 · H15.4 centimeters

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