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Making a hospital #2 Patient's bed

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This is made ​​in patient's bed.
Also made ​​a pillow, walking on the railing in front of patient charts it is contained.
Originally, the name is written on her diagnosis and departments.

Using brick tongs that also allows Stringer has been created.
And the wheels which make it possible to attend dragged weighed. ^ ^

You can move up and down the left and right railing was created.
↑ ↑ Back to the raised when patients move or examine you've made to make ^ ^

* Diorama
Patient: Tyrannosaurus was a catch!
Doctor: Well, I'm dropped in the car, a dinosaur will seize? Then I'll shoot MRI. Gave a sedative to a patient, MRI rooms please make an appointment.
Nurse: Yes, sir.
Nurse: I'll be truly patient-MRI
Patient: Oh .........
Doctor: Please hold on a little patient.

Thanks for watching the end of short writing. ^ ^

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