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School Bus


Time to board the school bus! With 5 minifigures, (one bus driver and four passengers), this school bus is ready to make its next journey through town picking up and dropping off students. 

Some features on the bus include:

  • Door w/ handrail for easy access on school bus. 
  • Extendable STOP sign (it will be red or have a STOP Sticker on it.)
  • Room for twelve school bus passengers plus one school bus driver. 
  • Two emergency hatches. 
  • Rear door (doesn't open) incase of a needed evacuation. 

I enjoy school buses very much, and it really disappoints me that there has been no offical school bus from Lego ever. I know there have been plenty of buses from CITY sets and a school bus from a FRIENDS set, but even that didn't really meet the standars of a school bus, in my opinion. Lego should really have a school bus on the market. I know people that would really like to have one for their collection for their own cities at home, including me. I would also include a sticker that says something such as "District 5 Public Schools" or "Lego City Public Schools", (in all caps) as well as stickers for the "STOP" on the school bus, two "EMERGENCY EXIT" stickers for two windows, and a number for the school bus. 

I really hope that this becomes a Lego set. Thank you in advance! More great products coming soon!

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