Product Idea

Modular Building - Ambulance Station

Here is a modular building to add to your modular town. It is an ambulance or paramedic station. It is designed to be an annex to the 'Fire Brigade' modular building. It compliments that set or it can stand on its own just as well. It has a different color scheme but is similar enough to blend in well. I used a light gray, dark red, tan and black color scheme.

The ground floor has a truck parking bay with an office and exterior bench for taking breaks. Upstairs, is a living area that includes a kitchen and dining area and a sleeping area, as well as an office area to do work between calls. The bathroom has a sink, toilet and shower.

I have it displayed with the Ambulance, but another fire truck or other vehicle can be used, there is enough height in the parking bay for a ladder truck. The roof removes like in a modular to display the fully finished interior space. The photos show some examples of its display. The last photo shows it in relation to the modular 'Fire Brigade' set that it pays homage.

The building is 20 studs wide, and is shown on a 24 x 32 stud baseplate. This leaves a 4 stud wide alley on the side. The color scheme is dark red, black, tan, and light gray. It uses 1530 pieces.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in designing and building it. Thanks for all support!