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The Husky


This model could attract people who are interested in Science Fiction, like Mecha, and like large models. This model isn't very complicated to build, and is a good model for play and display. It is also scientifically credible, for the scrutinies, with lots of features that would convince them. For instance, this robot is not a Jaeger-sized robot, and is not as small as an AT-ST. The robot would cost less than 2 billion dollars to produce with all of its technology and armor. Apple could afford to buy over 100 of these mechs.

The Husky is a humongous mech that will be dispatched on foreign planets, assisting and rescuing friendly units, and annihilating enemies. This model has a 360° rotating tower, with a Machine Gun Sword on one side and a Long-Range Missile Launcher on the other. It has two smaller defenses on the top and underside. It has two working legs with three joints each. The Husky is powered by Fusion Energy, and is built for speed. Two armored turbines on its shoulders produce thrust to help carry the tremendous weight, and fins help stabilize and cut through wind. The Husky can travel up to 32 kilometers/hour, making it the best unit for sieges on protected fortresses. You can get a good idea at how tall this is by looking at the windows in the tower. The Husky gets it's name for its triangular main tower, its speed, and its legs' balance and the amount of weight they hold and carry.



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