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The Great Kingdoms Gate

Hi Everyone!
This is my first LEGO Ideas project inspired one of my faovurite LEGO themes - Castle (the second one are Pirates).
I remember my first LEGO gate - 6059 Knight's Stronghold with catapult and prison - one of the biggest set of my childhood. This set was the precursor of all of lego castles ideas for many many years.
Theres was a lot of LEGO gates before but all of them it was no big and high enough.
Now I wanted to build some big, high and well protected gate which wakes respect among enemies.
I believe that this project could be answer for all LEGO Castle fans which always wanted to make an impresion to all of enemies which wants to attack.
I know that project it is no perfect but I used only bricks for my personal collection. Often I wanted implmenet some solution in differend way but I havnt no enought proper bricks or color of these brick just doesnt fit.
However i hope You enjoy :)


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