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Bus Station


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I took an inspiration of this set from buses where I live (Israel).

Its a realistic bus station on a busy street with small news and flower stands, lots of play options with this set.

The set has 1170 bricks on Lego Digital Designer. Meaning lots of peaces and lots of things to build by yourself.

The bus has some tools for repairing it, engine and a spare wheel for imaginary bus malfunctions.

The bus itself is not a single peace, its 2 connected pieces that can rotate!!!

Although there are lots of mini-figures there are lots of seats to put all of them inside.


The set contains some a lot of mini-figures:

  1. Businessman with a briefcase
  2. A bus driver who've lost his hair
  3. A flowers salesman with his flowers stand
  4. A newspaper salesman with his newspaper stand
  5. A kid on rollers with a blue helmet
  6. A kid with an ice-cream and his skateboard and headphones
  7. A guy on a bike with red helmet and pizza
  8. A traveling guy with a bag and some money for the bus
  9. A woman with her child and a baby carriage

The bus station includes:

  1. Station sign for knowing which bus is next and when its going to come
  2. Sun glass roof
  3. Bench
  4. Speed sign
  5. Traffic light
  6. Some railings
  7. Newspaper stand
  8. Flowers stand

The bus is a long double bus, it can rotate on corners. It has a few features:

  1. Large side mirrors
  2. A mirror for the driver to see all the bus inside
  3. Driver seat with a small door to close when he enters
  4. Coffee mug
  5. Gear shift
  6. Decorative flower
  7. Tickets cashier
  8. Stop buttons
  9. Handles
  10. Room for bike/baby carriage
  11. Lots of windows
  12. 18 single seats and a back bench made of 4 seats
  13. Middle rotating section
  14. Toolbox and some tools for fixing the bus
  15. Engine door with an engine behind it
  16. Spare tire
  17. Hammers for breaking the windows in case of a crash

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