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Cruiser Motorbike

Cruiser style Motorbike following on the footsteps of the old Model Team models, with only 155 bricks!

Stand rotates sideways for display and forwards for riding and front fork rotates for curving.
Seat and gas tank colours can be easily changed by changing only a few parts.
Includes several types of non-standard bulding techniques to be able to explore all the possibilities the pieces have to offer at this small scale.
The handle bars can be easily extended/raised and the front wheel can also be easily lowered (forks extended), for a more chopper-like feeling.

One issue is that there are no proper motorbike wheels for this scale so the ones used look sort of square. This could be a good oportunity for LEGO to finally create some nice smaller motorbike wheels!
The second issue is that the exaust pipes with this shape are only available in chrome and not grey (and come from older kits). The grey pipes that are currently mass produced have a different fitting and a small length difference that would make them harder to use in this very tight build (although it may be possible it does not look as good).

From top, with steering turned (notice the nice shaping on the gas tank and the round nob just behind the steering that can be painted/printed to look like a speed indicator).

From front, headlight well visible.

Side view with stand extended and disk brakes visible.
Notice the internals with lots of different shapes and textures and the foot pegs.

From the back the back shock absorbers are visible as well as the tail lights and, again, the nice shape of the gas tank.

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