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Historical Lighthouse


The Idea

The Old Fishing Store, set 21310 of LEGO Ideas, made me think about a lighthouse to insert in a diorama. Even if there are already some lighthouse sets, I decided to project one. The difficulty in the creation of a classic lighthouse is in the reproduction of the “truncated cone” shape with bricks, so I started to search images of lighthouses that haven’t the normal appearance.

Finally, I found an image of the Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, in the Northern Jutland, Denmark. It’s “simple” but beautiful, with its historical design. It has been my “canvas” to make the Historical Lighthouse.

The Priori’s Tower in Volterra, in Tuscany, Italy, instead, inspired me in making the top of the building.


Interior design

Although the building is historical, is still working and it presents the today technologies.

In the ground floor we can find a lifebelt, always important near the sea, and a box. Going up to the first floor, we can find a little furnace to warm up the rooms, a fire extinguisher (if something goes wrong with the furnace) and three work tools, if there’s something to repair. On the second floor, there’s the work station, with a chair, a computer, a transmitter, two levers to control the light and another fire extinguisher (if something goes wrong with the work station).



The Historical Lighthouse is built on a 16x16 base and it’s highness is about 30cm. It’s composed by 644 pieces.

I developed this project thanks to LEGO Digital Designer.

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