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LOTR - The Tower of Cirith Ungol


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This is the Tower of Cirith Ungol with around 1.500 pieces. (without minifigs)
It has the typical gate. Which I made at first, because I thought that would be the hardest thing to build.

Play Samwise Gamgee and rescue Frodo Baggins from the tower, on the way there lurk many Orcs you have to deal with.
Use the ring and make yourself invisible, climb up the stairs and let the chandelier fall on the Orcs to defeat them. (image 9)

Or take to the boiler with hot coals to defeat the Orcs too.  (image 6,7,8)

Hurry up, Frodo waits in the attic for his rescue.

Even at the last second...

Don't forget; "One does not simply walk into Mordor!" ;-)

Put Frodo and Sam in the clothes of the Orcs and find your way to Mount Doom.

The Tower comes with 8 Minifigures:

  •     Frodo Baggins (maybe without his shirt and jacket)
  •     Samwise Gamgee
  •     Gorbag the leader of the Orcs from Minas Morgul
  •     Shagrat the leader of the Orcs from the Tower of Cirith Ungol
  •     2 Orcs from Minas Morgul
  •     2 Mordor Orcs (Uruk-hais) from Cirith Ungol

You can put 2 towers (or even 3 or 4) together, to get a big fortress! (image 12 and 13)

There are also 2 rats, 2 bats and a spider in the tower. ;-)

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Rivendell is comeing up next. ;-)

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