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Four-Towered Castle


Hello and welcome!

This is my set proposal for a realistic-looking sand/grey castle which will include 4 differently styled towers and two minifigure factions. A big focus point of the set is the well-protected drawbridge area which has a gate and two large doors to defend against the enemy should the drawbridge be forced open in a siege.

3D view of the castle:

A possible plot for my proposal set could be:

A group of celtic warriors have discorvered a mysterious abandoned castle within the outskirts of northern Italy. It is ripe for the taking and so they start putting the castle to good use. But it's not long before the Romans show up from the south and they have brought along a catapult with them! Will they manage to hold off the Romans using the newely aquired defences or will the Roman seize the castle for themselves! 

Planned play/action features:

  • Movable drawbridge
  • Raising/Lowering Portcullis Gate
  • Rotating Fireplace (with gears)
  • Various Opening doors
  • 2 Fireable catapults (the one on the tower can rotate the other can turn it's wheels on the ground)

Castle sections:

​Note: Directions are taken from the inside side of the gate facing outward past the drawbridge.

  • Great Hall right tower ("The Last Tower") containing storage room, throne room and lower alchemy room.
  • Great Hall with Turn-able fire and lower armory.
  • Right Tower with wooden hoardings, chest room and entrance to the main hall.
  • Gatehouse with large double doors, Portcullis (vertical rising,lowering gate defense) and drawbridge.
  • Left Gate Tower ("The Broken Tower") with wooden side-shack extension holding a barrel.
  • Left "Gate-Way-Passage" with wooden walk way defense.
  • South Tower containg a lord's bedroom, kitchen, watcher post and locked passage.

Peice count:


  • 1811
  • 2 for string parts (pulls up Portcullis)


  • 27

Roman/Style Warriors:

  • 20

Celtic/Style Warriors:

  • 33

If you like this set please leave a support & Thank you for looking!

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