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Horace Horsecollar


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Horace Horsecollar, a celebration of one toon! Horace the horse is a vintage Disney cartoon who debuted in 1929's short "The Plowboy". This trusty steed is one of my favorite characters and was a joy to build.

Not only does my idea include a model of the character, but the side build features his Minifigure form (complete with a horseshoe tile) in front of a horseshoe build and two moments from some of his animations.

Both his first appearance and the first time Horace speaks are encompassed in a written scroll from "The Prince and the Pauper" and his first appearance, "The Plowboy".

In total, the build comes out to about 500 pieces.

I truly believe that there is a call from the fans for these much older Disney characters who would love to see them realized.

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