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Blue cargo train

This is a basic train. This model was designed on LDD, which meant some bricks and elements like power functions could not be implemented, although i did take the dimensions of the power functions and they should fit in nicely. Here is a picture of what the power functions looked before i put the cover on.
NOTE: does not include battery box (one seen is a replica) or the motor bogey.

then i built on what i had, if built it in real life, this model may have some problems with the bogeys, but if made into a set, LEGO will probably sort the issue out. The train comes with 2 rolling stock carriage's. this is how the train looks finished with the rolling stock carriage's attached.

I am now going to show you images of each individual carriage by itself, starting with the locomotive itself

then the second carriage, this is a work in progress as I still need to design and implement the cars to go on the flatbed carriage.

and finally, the last carriage, this is to put the crates on you see on the sidelines, this also comes with a crane to load the crates on to the carriage. The image is above as the photo limit is 5. sorry about it being so far out but i could not fit the whole model in and also please note i built the main trains undercarriage and it worked fine, unfortunately I do not have a youtube account yet so i can not show you it, sorry.

Hope you like this project, please support if you thinks its a good idea.

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