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Supersonic Aircraft


First of all watch this video where the plane is working at my airport (soon I will make an airport project also):

It is a huge turbojet-powered aircraft. It can transport 26 LEGO minifigures. I built this plane, because I didn't had a great detailed plane among my lego sets. And it is an essential vehicle at my airport :)

The set includes 4 minifigures: a steward and a stewardess, a pilot, and a driver. They are the members of the staff. You can find a small vehicle which can transport luggage. The plane has got a separated space at the rear for the packages. The plane can be opened, so it is also playable. In addition it is good for children and collectors also. The flag on the fin can be changed to a logo or to a flag of another country. It could be a part of my next airport project, or just an individual set.

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