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Construction of the Olympic Class

This is a model of the Arrol Gantry used in the construction of the Olympic class in Belfast, Ireland. With 1,005 pieces on the model and the dimensions of the model is 32.8 studs by 49 studs by 29 studs. I know that there is a big historic community on the LEGO Group with the release on the LEGO Titanic in late 2022 and the release of the Colosseum in November 2022.
Hopefully the release of many more historic sets in the future and I hope that my LEGO set will be one of the future LEGO historic pieces and I hope that you feel the same way about my passion of LEGO and
History. I hope that you will like the new LEGO set that I designed. And took all of your feedback and made it more interesting. Thank you for your support on my last project and the feedback on the last project. Thank you all :).

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