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Welcome to the computer world of Mainframe!
Based on the groundbreaking computer animated television show ReBoot, this set aims to bring back classic ReBoot to fans in an all new format!

This set contains a recreation of the iconic Dot's Diner, the classic game cube "A Dungeon Deep", a hidden viral base, as well as the core cast of colorful characters.

I believe ReBoot would be a fantastic IP to be immortalized in LEGO form. It's vibrant and colorful style, unique characters and overall impact the show had on the animation industry has given it a legacy and nostalgia that remains to this day.

Included minifigures:
•Bob with Glitch and alternate dungeon outfit
•Dot with personal organizer
•Mouse with katana
•Enzo with alternate torso
•AndrAIa with throwing star
•Megabyte with claws
•Hexadecimal with energy blast effects

Included brick-built figures:
•Hack and Slash with removable stands
•Mike the TV
•Old Man Pearson
•Security Zero
•Herr Doktor
•Lieutenant Chauncy

Diner features:
•Reserved table for 2
•Vid window command centre
•Cecil, the dedicated server
•Binome operated jukebox
•Energy shake with shades

Street features:
•Rotating mailbox cannon
•Bob's car with hood storage for Enzo's alternate  torso
•Vid window ad for local musical group, "The Primitives"

Viral base features:
•Viral command centre on upper level
•Binome prison with secret escape slide on lower level
•Security terminals hacked by Mouse

Game features:
•3-level dungeon
•Rebooted thief outfit with butter knife for Bob
•Wizard's staff, elf's bow, warrior's sword and shield
•Riddle master head at the dungeon entrance
•Giant spider blocking the spiral staircase
•Banana and carrot
•Trap hallway with swinging axe, skullipede and giant eyeball monster
•Trap door to the 3rd level
•Light brick and printed transparent piece that projects a shadow monster
•Chalice room with evil mirror Bob

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