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Hoover Dam


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The Hoover Dam is one of the most popular dams thats visited in the United States! Located on the border between Arizona and Nevada, this dam sits on the Colorado River, one of the longest rivers in the US. It contains alot of history, but this dam is one that represents history and popularity. What gave me the idea of this set was when I went to Hoover Dam when I was little. learning about the design and history fascinated me about the brilliance the structure holds. Remembering that memory, I decided to create a design on one of the most famous structures in the world. I built it on LDD based on my memories of my visit to the dam. The design is simple, but it still serves as a set of a famous structure. Containing 545 pieces, this set will be a thrill of putting together. The sets image is covenient and representative of Hoover Dam itself. Would you like to have this set in your lego collection? Click the support button! Thank you for your time learning about my project.