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Extreme Obstacle Race


This Extreme Obstacle Race set has several challenges that the competitors have to pass quickly (time IS ticking!) in order to complete the race and have the chance to win a big case of gold, jewels and money! The competitors have to first jump over the stepping stones, then traverse the monkey bars (watch out for the cheeky monkey trying to tickle your toes!), jump over old tyres and high jump, and finally go up the crazy ladder and have the courage to "hold on for dear life" on the zip wire (beware of the water jets being shot from the side... and of the hungry shark if you fall in the water!). The audience is clearly enjoying the race and their delicious drinks and cakes from the café and the TV cameramen and host are eager to catch every moment of this event! 

I believe this could be a great Lego set because it is quite a large set without needing too many pieces. It has playability with the mixture of the contestants on the course, the TV crew, the café, the audience, the water jet section and even some animals! (spider, monkey, shark) As far as I know, I am not aware of any other Lego set that has a zip wire which could be fun seeing the figures sliding down. 







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