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Resort Bed & Breakfast

The City theme needs to begin offering buildings that will help flesh out an actual city that can be played with again. I have been working on this design of a bed and breakfast for a LEGO city since I first got my hands on the unique base plate in the Paradisa Poolside Paradise (6416) kit. That was twenty years ago (1992). Cuusoo has given me a reason to pull out my old bricks again and finally complete this design.

My design, includes a bed and breakfast build on the Poolside Paradise base plate. The building has a lobby with front desk/food counter and dining space. There are four individual guest rooms. The two smaller guest rooms located on the upper floor above the lobby include an armchair, dresser, and mirror. The two larger guest rooms include a full bed, chair, and table. Outside, there are two sitting areas, one on each floor. Completing my design is a booth where vacationers can rent a bicycle.

The design includes 515 pieces making its estimated cost between $50-$60.

The front view of the resort bed and breakfast highlights the outdoor spiral staircase and upper floor observation deck.

In this picture one can see the lobby with front desk and a food counter. Behind the counter there is a dining area and the door to the large guest room on the main floor.

Above, the two small guest rooms feature an armchair, dresser, and mirror. Outside of these two rooms, guests can find a quiet place to lie down on an outdoor lounge chair. Beside this sitting area is the door to the upper floor's large guest room.

This side view shows the two large guest rooms and upper floor sitting area. The two large guest rooms include a full bed, chair, and table.

Guests can rent a bicycle from this booth located outside of the bed and breakfast to help them enjoy their vacations and exercise too while exploring the resort.

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