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Gravity Falls Mystery Shack

It's the new LEGO Mystery Shack, from Gravity Falls. This set has 4 minifigures, 2 animals, 2 microfigures, and a brick built figure, each with accessories. Contains Dipper with Magic Flashlight and Journal #3, Mabel with Grappling Hook, Grunkle Stan with Money, Little Gideon with Journal #2, 2 gnomes, Rumble McScirmish, Waddles the Pig, and Gompers the Goat. Also Includes a the Mystery Kart.

On the Inside is a gift shop filled with cheap Nick Nacks. In the tour room with fake magical creatures, a chair, a table, a TV, and a vending machine. In the bedroom is a pink bed (based on Mia's Bedroom from LEGO Friends), a table, and a bed made of an air mattress and a table.

If LEGO chooses this set, I will ask them to add stickers like the sign, the knic-knacks on the walls, the journals, and the mini golf kart. I would also ask them to replace Little Gideon's hair with the one from the Daredevil in the Collectable Minifigures line. I hope you like this set.

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