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The Golden Turk

The Golden Turk, or rather "De Vergulde Turk" as it is called in the Netherlands is a building in the Dutch City of Leyden (Leiden).

I constructed this building using pictures of the actual thing to make it look as real as possible.
The model is completely modular and connects to the modular LEGO models you can buy in stores. Like most of my models this model is deeper then the modular LEGO models but you can still connect it and will line up in the front. The base is 24 wide x 32 deep and the building it self is 24 x 24.
As I plan to make a building on the back that connects to it (the way it is in reality), I made the back completely closed for structural reasons and no interior yet.

I have seen some pictures on the Internet of someone else that has also recreated "The Golden Turk" , but that was actually after I made this model myself (no way to prove that though). Still...I hope you like it.

You can also see this project on my website:

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