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Wayne's World 30th Anniversary


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Wayne's world! Party time! Excellent!
To commemorate Wayne's World's upcomming 30th anniversary, I made a fun model based around the first movie.

This detailed model comes with Wayne's basement, The Mirthmobile, and a stand for the minifigures. The figures included are Wayne (Michael Meyers), Garth (Dana Carvey), Cassandra (Tie Carrere), and Benjamin (Rob Lowe)

This model works very well as a display piece as well as a playset. I know the figures aren't the most accurate and my photoshop skills aren't the best, but hopefully Lego can do a much better job with all that than I did.

Any support would be appreciated, be sure to share this on social media and with friends if you want to see this set get made.

Party on!

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