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The Bus Line



Before I started this project I noticed that the minifig people of Legopolis or Legoville or wherever only had the choice of personal cars/trucks or planes and trains to go visit distant friends, family and sites. So with this set I hope to corret that!

This is an intercity bus system with one Bus (which LEGO could distribute as a single kit for multiple bus avialability), a Station where passengers can come to board and be greated by those they are visiting.

The staff for the station and driver for the bus are included in this set. The passengers would be your various minifigs.

Also included are verious luggage and packages for your bus to transport on the bus.

As it is currrently configured it is just at 1900 bricks or there about. I haven't taken the bus apart recently to do an actual count on it. But adding up the last LDD file renditions of the various parts comes out to that number.


Will fit your city streets (at least width wise) being only 6 studs wide.  It is 42 studs long so it might have a bit of a problem on some of the sharper turns. Both sections of roof are removeable so you can help your minifigs find their seats, as well as the driver. The luggage compartments and the engine compartment are fully accessable.


Sits on a 48 x 48 stud baseplate and is done in a '50 art deco style witch I feel brings a touch of classy nostalgia to it. On the first floor your minifigs will find the ticket counter and helpful staff waiting for them. Vending machines and travel literature. On the second floor are the staff and managers offices. The roof and 2nd floor are removeable for easier access for you to assist staff and travelers.

Out the back doors are the bus loading spaces, There are 5 spaces, however, you will probably rarely have more then 3 buses loading/unloading at any one time. So that should be plenty of space.

I hope you all can get behind me in this and enjoy the scenic ride thru the LEGO country side. Please HIT that SUPPORT button and get all your friends to also!

Thanks for looking at my project! Have a brickfull day

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