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Roman Limes MOC

The Limes (from the Latin, limit, border) was the artificial line that marked the border of the Roman Empire.

The MOC you see represents the Germanic Limes composed of a fortified watchtower and tho entrances that allow you to cross the border.

We find two heavily armed legionaries, a centurion with scale armor and cloak and two female warriors on horseback.

The tower can be dismantled into 4 pieces as follows:
1) groud floor where the barbecue and internal supplies are located;
2) the first floor where we find the bunk bed and the entrance door;
3) the second floor (also used a weapons storager) with the access door to the guard gallery;
4) to complete the tiled roof.

Inside the fortification we find a brazier, benches and table, weapons, cut wood and some reinforcements to the structure.

I thank all those who want to support the project.

Attention please: I claim the exclusive creation of the project in my name, without any collaboration with other users or teams.

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