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Train Shed

Hello Lego Train Fans,
This was my idea how to build a good looking train shed. I am having so many lego trains that they need a good home during stormy weather. 
The walls are cool to build and the roof is a good challenge for all lego enthusiasts. The roof is not supported by inside pillows but is designed to be taken off and on. There is also a picture taken from the underneath of the roof. The workers enter the shed through two back doors. 
There are two large platforms inside the shed which can be used to add additional feature. E.g. paper work change over for the next shift (photo attached), construction side (photo attached), employee waiting for the train to start working, coffee layout, toilet. It is the perfect place to build your own ideas into the shed. 
Enjoy for looking at it and let imagine your trains to be in there. 
Jimmy Dumbo

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