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Argo ATV scale 1:12

Argo ATV build with Technic in scale 1:12. The real ATV steers like with tracks and has no suspension other than the balloon tires. The tracks go over the tires. It has no steering wheel, but motor bike handles.
Size of the model is 30 x 17 x 20 cm with 8 wheels driven by two new PF L motors, working head lights and remote controlled.
As there are no Lego tracks that fit over tires, I used the normal track wheels instead.
The gearing reduction from motor to tracks is 0.6, so the ATV moves fast and is rather strong.
It has no problems with steep hills or obstacles!
It is also possible to mount 8 wheels, but then steering becomes more difficult on rough surfaces......too much friction.
As the original vehicle is multi functional there would be a lot of possibilities for this model: it can be equipped with a snow plough, a small crane, or anything.
I also made this model in other scales and all can be seen at YouTube:

More pictures at, member marthart

The version with wheels. Moves very fast and drives over big obstacles, but steers only on smooth surfaces.

The model is build-up in modular blocks that can be build separately and assembled at the end.
The battery box is easy to remove and is located under the hood.

Here you see the traction to the 8 wheels, coupled by a 32 axle.

Side view of the completed vehicle. The coach-work can just be clicked on the chassis with six pins.

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