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Tricycle Rugem


The model I created is a faithful copy of the car-powered tricycles just like the riders use on their adventure trips. I have a car-powered tricycle and my creation was assembled based on the model I have.
I am a LEGO collector and I have many spare parts and I have a tricycle and I am a motorcyclist. Being a lover of LEGO and tricycles I used my available parts to create a model like the one I have. The tricycle was assembled in original molds with very rich detail requirements, as close as possible to mine.
I believe it will be a great lego set because I see the interest of people when a tricycle goes through the streets because it is a different vehicle that catches a lot of attention. People stop to ask them to take pictures on the tricycle, and there is a sparkle in the eyes of children who are euphoric running after the tricycle. That's why I've been encouraged to create this toy and made sure it will be well accepted in the LEGO Ideas community.


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