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From Aslan's Camp to Stone Table


This set is from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

It comes with 2 male fauns, 2 female fauns, a centaur, 2 wolves, 4 ogres, 4 monsters, 3 mice, 1 giant bat, one minotaur, Ginabrik Peter, Susan, Edmund and Eustace as well as Aslan and the White Witch. It follows the journey across the camp to the stone table where Aslan is killed.

The stone table folds in half and there is a cliff for Peter and Aslan to look down from. For weapons it includes 2 horns (Susan's an the centaur's) Lucy's healing cordial and dagger, Susan's bow and arrows, Peters sword and shield and a sword for each of the fauns as well as an axe and sticks for the monsters. 

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