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Burger Truck


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This Burger Truck is an original design, and there is no reference prototype. I originally designed a burger and then matched the burger with a bus. I used real-life burger truck as a reference for the color scheme.
Burger Truck was designed in a software, and it is still a digital version, I will make it into real model later.
The truck contains a cab, an engine compartment, and a small storage room, a kitchen at the back of the Burger Truck and an area for selling, including a coffee machine.
The top roof of the Burger Truck can be moved, it has a side door that can be opened.
· Cab
· Engine compartment
· Storage room
· Hamburger kitchen
· Coffee machine
It contained 629 pieces
No Minifigures
In the future, I want to design a distinctive Chef and a Driver.

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