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Seafood Market Modular


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Small businesses are the main theme for almost all of my modular buildings, and this Modular Seafood Market will supply all of your LEGO town's seafood needs!


This Modular consists of three floors: The seafood store, a graphic design studio, and an apartment.

The seafood store sells fish, clams, lobsters, crabs, and various sauces for cooking, such as tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, and wine for cooking. Its supply of fresh seafood is delivered in daily by a truck with a climate controlled cargo hold.

The tech studio is on the second floor. I call it a graphics design studio, but whatever that studio is for is up to you to decide if this becomes a LEGO set. It comes with multiple computer work stations, a meeting table, a bookshelf, and a Smart Board for presentations. This floor was inspired by the startup culture of Silicon Valley, CA, which is where I'm from.

The third floor apartment is a small apartment, complete with a kitchen, bedroom, and a living room with a TV and couch.

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