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Buildable Cuphead and Mugman


Now with shooters!

I’ve now added an alternative finger build with projectile shooters to represent the shooting action in the game, I’m very happy how they turned out and would be a fun addition to the build.



Ive really wanted to add some minifigures to the project so I decided to make some using and Procreate. I had to edit a 3 length bar and a grappling hook to get the straws to work but overall I am very happy with them all they need now is a plinth to stand on.


2 small updates!

Thank you for your amazing support over the first 2 weeks! Nearly at 600! 🤩

I’ve had some feedback about Mugman’s straw being too short so I have extended the height by 2 bricks and 2 plates. I have also made the brown shoes a lighter shade to match the colour in the game and in this image I show the white gloves, which I want to have as an alternative to the yellow gloves.

I am very happy with how this looks now and I want to thank everyone for their continued support and suggestions for improvements.


Alternative colour and improvements

Thank you for all the great feedback and also for 350 supporters in a week!

I have been asked by some people to change the colour of Mugman and a few other items, including improving Cupheads head height and improving the handle as it was too thin. I think the changes worked really well.

I have changed Mugman to a blue rather than sand blue, this is the colour seen in the game and reflects Mugman more.

I have also included a change to the colour of the hands to yellow and the shoes to brown, again this is seen in the game but I would like to leave the white hands and colour co-ordinated shoes as an alternative build to match the original artwork.

Thank you for your continued support!

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