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Legend of Zelda: Great Deku Tree


Legend of Zelda: Great Deku Tree

from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

"In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule... Long have I served as the guardian spirit... I am known as the Deku Tree..." 

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, considered by many to be the greatest video-game of all time, was a revolutionary masterpiece of gaming that is still stunning today. Few video game characters are more iconic than Link, and the greatest game deserves to be united with the greatest toy franchise! This LEGO project depicts young Link and his ventures inside the Great Deku Tree, with opposition from Queen Gohma, her spawn and a Deku Baba, Deku Scrub, and Skulltula to obtain the Kokiri's Emerald: the Spiritual Stone of the forest.

The Concept

Knowing full well that this is not the first Legend of Zelda LEGO project, I sought out to create one that was as iconic as possible. What makes the Great Deku Tree so iconic is a matter of 3 things: First, it is early on in the game. The first lines in the game are spoken by the Deku Tree, and he is the very first dungeon in the game. Someone who only picked up Ocarina of Time for 5 minutes would have seen the Deku Tree. Second, the Great Deku Tree is close to home for Link. Link's home is in the Kokiri Forest, and the Great Deku Tree has been the guardian of Link and his home for all his life up to that point. The forest theme very much compliments Link's character and appearance. Third, the Deku Tree is influential. It is the tree that sets Link on his quest in the first place, who sets him on the path to find the Spiritual Stones and ultimately save Hyrule. Thus, the Deku Tree is a very iconic being in the Legend of Zelda franchise and alongside Queen Gohma, the first boss in the game, and several other popular enemies from the game, make a great LEGO project.

The Set


  • Link
  • Queen Gohma 
  • Deku Scrub
  • Deku Baba
  • Skulltula
  • 2 Gohma Larvae

This set features the Great Deku Tree with decorated exterior and interior. The inside includes torches, a spider web on floor (as seen in the game), several ladders and plants, 2 pots: one with a health-replenishing heart and one with a green rupee, and a treasure chest containing the Kokiri's Emerald. Link is armed with his Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield, and his hat has hair printing on the front, to match his appearance in the Legend of Zelda franchise. Queen Gohma has articulation in her legs, claws and tail, and her eye can rotate in all directions. The Deku Baba's mouth uses a clam piece (30218), and can open and close. The Deku Scrub figure depicts the creature hiding in the bushes, launching Deku nuts from its mouth (as in the game). 


If you're a Legend of Zelda fan or just a fan of a good LEGO set, click that support button! This vibrant set can appeal to young and adult fans alike. Together, we can make the union of Legend of Zelda and LEGO happen!

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