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Pottery Wheel

Historical evidence shows that potter’s wheels have been used since 3500 BC and even predate the use of the wheel for transportation. Pottery is still popular today and people use clay to make items for both functional and artistic purposes.

My project is a LEGO model of a traditional pottery wheel that has to be kicked for it to spin, along with a figure at the wheel. A small mechanism allows a hand crank to turn the wheel, spinning both the part that gets kicked and the wheel head where the clay is. The right leg makes a kicking motion while the hand crank is turned as well. The hands of the figure can also move as the wheel spins around. 

I added details on the pottery wheel’s tray of common pottery tools, including a sponge, water bucket, wood knife, and wooden rib. Another detail is the green on the front of the artist, representing an apron.
LEGO has created a variety of sets that highlight different areas of the arts, and a pottery wheel would be a great addition!

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