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Disney's Contemporary Resort


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This set, similar to those in the architecture series, depicts Disney’s Contemporary Resort Hotel at Walt Disney world in Florida. This stunning structure is the most prominent of the Disney resorts and has a shape that lends itself very well to being captured in Lego. Among its most memorable features are the monorail track that runs through the resort and its stunning atrium and the five star restaurant that inhabits the observation floor on top. A beauty to behold in person and in Lego, it is certainly of equal merit to the other buildings in the architecture line of sets.

The Lego build that I have created has the same A frame structure and uses two angled panels to accomplish the look of the resort. It is a very simple general shape, but with new and interesting ways in which this is accomplished it is sure to be a joy for builders new and old. With great attention to detail and a meticulous exterior this set belongs on a shelf for all to behold. Whether you are familiar with the resort or not this build is visually intriguing and very attractive.

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