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Blackfalcon Desert Fortress


The Blackfalcon Knights, who were at odds with the Crusaders, extended their territory to the desert. And they needed a fortress to be the base of the Knights in the desert. So the builders of the Knights found an oasis with a well and built a fort using bricks and rocks in the desert. The fortress built in this way is always guarded by knights and soldiers dispatched from the Knights.

Then one day, two female soldiers who escaped from the Crusader's castle stole a horse and a carriage and arrived at the desert fortress of Blackfalcon Knights. The knights and soldiers who guarded the fort accepted the two escaped female soldiers into the fortress and provided them with accommodation and food. And the knight guarding the fort, knowing that the Crusaders were going to chase them, prepared to defend the fort. Will they be able to defend the fortress against a large Crusader army?

The fortress was created for stop-motion animation of the Blackfalcon Knights and the Crusades. For stop motion animation or diorama, I needed a fortress with enough space for the size of the figure. To this end, it was necessary to make enough space for stables, bedrooms, restaurants, and armories inside the fortress. The fortress also offers a new atmosphere of stop motion or diorama in the background of an exotic landscape. In particular, the two palm trees contribute to further reviving the atmosphere of the fortress.

The details of the fortress will also be attractive to Castle enthusiasts. The fortress had everything many Castle enthusiasts dreamed of: a stable for enough horses to stay, a dining room for many soldiers, a bedroom for soldiers to rest, a carriage for luggage and troops, and a castle gate and enough interior for the carriage to pass through. I'm sure this will be one of the most realistic representations of the medieval frontier desert fortress.

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