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Lego City Zoo Tiger Enclosure


About This Project

This set idea is my tiger enclosure for the Lego City Zoo sets that I have been creating. The enclosure has many large windows for easy viewing of the tigers. On the one side there is a secret door for the zookeepers to get inside and feed the tigers or to clean the enclosure. I included a lamp post and two minifigures. A guest with a tiger balloon and a zookeeper going to feed the tigers.

Play Features:

  • Secret door opens/closes for zookeepers to access the inside of the enclosure.
  • Lots of zoo themed fun.


  • Two minifigures.
  • Two Tigers.
  • Many minifigure accessories like a drumstick, a cellphone, and a tiger balloon.

I think this is a fun addition to my zoo themed set ideas. If you like this set idea please support, share, and follow. Thank you for your time and support.


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