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Baby Shark


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Who hasn't heard of baby shark? If you have, that's probably the reason your here. This build originally started as a normal aquarium then eventually developed into baby shark.

You better hit that support button if you know baby shark.

Features of the build:

Mommy Shark
Daddy Shark
Baby Shark

Why it was built:

This build originally started as a normal modular aquarium. As you can tell, it did not go so well... Anyways, the build had a large orb in the build and one day, I thought it kind of looked like a baby shark plushie and from there, it developed into baby shark

Why this should be a real set:

This LEGO Set will be highly recognizable no matter the age and will be very affordable. The build itself is small, making it the perfect gift to anyone. The spherical shape is complicated to build, making it a lot more fun!

SUPPORT is wanted for this set!!!

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