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Where's the Board Meeting?


This is our family's first LEGO Ideas submission, inspired by a t-shirt that our son owns titled "Where's the Board Meeting?" featuring a shark in a jacket and tie in vibrant beach colors.

Our set includes a variety of features imagining sharks attending a high-powered board room meeting. The surf board table seats eight and there's enough coffee and fish to go around. Laptops and cell phones cover the table, though board meeting policy says no looking at your phone while company presentation is happening. The PowerPoint presentation is up on the high-definition TV screen indicating how many surf boards have been captured this quarter. Meanwhile, some of the greatest surf board catches of all time are featured in the artwork on the wall. The vibrant color scheme captures the essence of the original t-shirt. 

Eight minifigure sharks are featured in this set, each with their own name and personality highlighting a variety of characters that can be seen in the board room.  CEO Kate the Great White Shark leads the way, followed by #2 in the chain of command: President Ned Hammerhead. 

We hope you enjoy the set. A lot of time, energy, imagination, and love went into it by three young LEGO fanatics and their parents. 





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