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1950s Car


This is a 1950s car. In the 1950s, there were one of the best looking cars, ever made. They had style and wonderful design, and this project I think shows the best of it. It represents the classic old american car. It is build in the minifig scale and its 6 studs wide and 19 studs long.

I think this would be a nice set consisted of an iconic 1950s vehicle(s), because the design of these cars is great, and Lego has never produced anything related to 1950s and old vehicles.

Note: I've used some elements from the Indiana Jones 2 game car, but I've changed and customised them to look better and this model is made by me.

I have spent a lot of hours and days at designing this project, ordering/buying the real Lego bricks, taking the best photos, and make it as best as I could.

  • This set was made by Hotrod Creations (me)
  • It is made out of real Lego Bricks
  • Please support this project! Thank you for your support!

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