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Summer Vacation Home

What is it?
This is a summer vacation home that has many fun features to play with! The set includes around 800 pieces that help to create features like a hot tub, sports car, kitchen, outdoor deck, garage, stairwell, bedroom, and a playable feature that allows the third floor to come off of the second for playing! With 5 mini figures along with 2 surfboards, a bike, and skateboard, the summer possibilities are limitless!
Why did you build it?
I built this at first from a building challenge between my cousins and I, and once I was declared winner I modified the house to help make this a possible fun and playable LEGO set for kids all over to enjoy!
Why would this be a great LEGO set?
This would be a great LEGO set because of the fun setups, vehicles, playable roof features, mini figures, and a fun summer design that includes a hot tub!

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