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UCS Imperial Star Destroyer and Tantive IV


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I'm a big fan of Star Destroyers, so i decided to build one. I really love my model because the shape fits perfectly, it's a very difficult construction. My dream is to have an official UCS Star Destroyer, but i could not hold.

The Imperial-class Star Destroyers were the technological successors of the Venator-class Jedi cruisers used by the naval forces of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. After the Republic was turned into the Empire at the end of the Clone Wars, the self-anointed Galactic Emperor Palpatine decreed a massive military buildup. Building upon the strengths of the Jedi cruisers, the bigger Imperial-class vessels became one of the most instantly recognizable symbols of the Imperial might, and were often titled intimidating names such as LawbringerRelentless and Devastator.

With a length of 1,600 meters, the wedge-shaped Imperial-class Star Destroyer was nearly 460 meters longer than its immediate predecessor, the Venator-class Star Destroyer, which had been developed for theGalactic Republic during the Clone Wars. In keeping with the Empire's habit of favoring muted colors whenever possible, the hull of the Imperial-class was painted in gray, while the Venator-class of the Clone Wars-era had red markings denoting the Republic's diplomatic immunity.

My set (Star Destroyer and Tantive IV) isn't too long, but it has a reasonable size, and don't have functions because I thought as a model only to collection.

I figured as the first scene of the Episode IV: A New Hope, where we have a Star Destroyer chasing Leia's Corellian Corvette (Tantive IV), i'm really excited becuase Star Destroyers are uncommon creations between lego Star Wars fans. (i'm sorry for the colors, i don't have too many light grey parts). Thanks for your attention, enjoy!

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