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Brickheadz Miniz Calvin and Hobbes

From 1985-95, one comic strip bridged my childhood and adulting life with the promise that pretending never has to end.
Calvin and Hobbes is the very definition of imagination. Creations from cardboard boxes. Backyards becoming bases for interstellar travel. The occasional green vegetable coming to life and attacking.

I wanted to take the Brickheadz concept and make it pocket sized. I think LEGO is the perfect example to represent Calvin and Hobbes. It’s a toy that is loved by young and old. It’s a toy that connects young and old. More importantly, it’s a toy that never makes you feel old. Forever young and forever imagining.

This set includes Calvin and Hobbes in their “time machine”. I also wanted to include Hobbes in his stuffed animal form as well an additional body to represent Calvins alter ego, Spaceman Spiff.

I hope my creation did the comic strip justice.
I hope Bill Watterson would approve 
I hope you’ll support this build and regardless of its future, it’d be nice to see the support as a sign of how many people view Calvin and Hobbes as a timeless symbol of creative innocence.

Thanks for stopping by and stay young. 

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