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Tetris Playfield

Bricks and blocks, at first thought they aren't much different; though when you add LEGO and Tetris to them, they take on a whole new meaning!

Presenting: The LEGO Tetris Playfield!

I've been a big fan of Tetris for years, playing it on the NES and any other version I could get my hands on with time. LEGO has been an interest of mine even longer, and it's always seemed like a perfect match-up to me, a LEGO Tetris set! With the release of great new video game themed sets such as the NES 71374, it felt a better time than ever to make the concept a reality. Not to mention, LEGO just celebrated their 90th anniversary, and Tetris's 40th is just around the corner! These properties both spark mental exercising and, arguably more importantly, fun.

This Tetris playfield is a 1:1 scale replica of most Tetris games, 10 blocks wide by 20 tall. The result is a rather impressive 57 LEGO bricks tall! Here's a list of features this set could include if made a reality:

  • 57 bricks tall (21 in / 53 cm)
  • Three full sets of Tetriminos + Garbage blocks
  • Reconfigurable Ghost piece
  • Decorated lid with Tetris logo
  • Storage compartment built into base
  • Standing and hanging options
  • 1:1 scale game playfield
  • Over 2,030 bricks
  • Side decorations and Hold / Next windows built into the Tetrion

If you are passionate about either of these things, I hope you support this submission! Thank you for your time and I appreciate every vote. Now be hypnotized by the Ghost brick!

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