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National Parks of the USA

The National Parks Service in the United States was established in 1916, and currently has 63 parks across the 50 states, the Virgin Islands, and the American Samoa.
This set features a map of all 63 parks with their locations, with 48 states in the center, Hawaii on the bottom, Alaska on the top, the American Samoa on the left, and the Virgin Islands on the right. On the top right corner is a tile that would feature the NPS symbol. The set also comes with a Lego version of the NPS arrowhead symbol, held on a pedestal with a special minifigure of Smokey the Bear. Smokey has been a symbol of forest protection for decades, and this special minifigure would come with a custom head to resemble the character, in the same way the Lego company has created custom heads for other iconic characters.
I built this set with the smoky mountains in mind. That is the only park I've ever been able to visit, and when I was designing this, it was cool to remember those adventures while being in the mountains and being inside the clouds when you're at the top. I especially remember the views, and the people I got to see them with. I feel like many people would have the same reaction when it came to this set: remembering their own adventures and who they went with. It would give reason to not just remember the past, but to plan the future! Seeing the places you can go, many may want to try to see all of them!
Seeing how many parks there were across the country made me realize how much beauty is being conserved in the world, and how many places can be explored. That is why I think it'd make a great set. It would be an inspiration to enjoy the beauty of the world; not just in these parks, but in everywhere you go, even your backyard!

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