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Construction Crawler


About This Project

This project is a mobile construction platform that has many functions. First it has a large crane for doing typical crane functions. It can lift up/down and spin 360 degrees. It is crank operated. Second on the other side is another crane. This crane is used more for placing bricks than lifting and loading although it can. The smaller crane has more articulation than the big crane and a grabber hand on the end. The small crane can spin 360 degrees as well. Third and final main function is located at the rear of the platform. It is the brick maker 1000. It has twin mixers for mixing the ingredients together. Which pumps the mixture into the mold in front of the mixers to make bricks. Once cooled the bricks are removed from the mold and placed in the marked spot so the smaller crane can pick the brick up and place it where needed. (see pictures). The driver's cab is located in the middle front. it has an open roof for easy access to the driver. There is a folding ladder between the small crane and the brick maker 1000 so the minifigures can exit the platform.

Play Features:

  • Both cranes can spin 360 degrees.
  • The small crane has good articulation and a grabber hand on the end.
  • The large crane is crank operated and can lift up/down.
  • The lid to the brick mold can open/close.
  • The ladder folds up/down.


  • Two minifigures.
  • A wrench.
  • Two loose Lego bricks for the brick maker 1000.

I really like how this project turned out. It is fun and has lots of play ability. Please support and share if you like it too. Thank you for you time and support.

Thank you for your support.


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