Product Idea

Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget is a cartoon created in the 80s
this cartoon tells the adventures of a cyber-cop who fights against MAD Team led by Dr. Claw. Inspector Gadget is equipped with many gadgets that often play tricks on him.
he is very clumsy and without the help of his niece Penny and his dog Brain he would never be able to solve the tasks entrusted to him by Chief Quimby

the set includes:
- Inspector gadget's car and Dr. Claw's ship
- cartoon characters (Inspector Gadget, Penny, Brain, Chief Quimby and Dr. Claw, Mad Cat, and the Mad Team)
- Inspector Gadget with different gadgets
- 2 small Dioramas: the first of Dr. Claw in his chair with his faithful Mad Cat and his control screen; and the second Chief Quimby hiding in a bin to send a mission to Inspector Gadget

this set is very playable with all its minifigs and 2 vehicles but it can also be exposed

this project includes more than 650 bricks